Complete design freedom

No duct outlets, heating units or panels to limit your room layout

Safe for baby

Your children and pets will love the warm floor

No more cold tiles

Your family will love the gentle, even warmth

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Your family will love these unique benefits of our under floor heating system


It’s safe, silent and hidden

No more cold floor surfaces, a wall-to wall source of comfort instead. And it’s great for children. They can play with safety and comfort on a tiled floor, thanks to under floor heating.

Complete design freedom

No duct outlets, wall panels or equipment to consider with your room layout. It’s evenly warm throughout. Floor heating systems are available as full installation or DIY floor heating kits.

Foot comfort equals body comfort in general

If our feet are warm, our body feels comfortable, even with an air temperature a couple of degrees lower than is required with circulated air systems.

Efficient control and cost

Individual thermostat control for each area, with programmable time settings, will ensure that you only use the energy when and where you need it. By using separate programmable controls for each area, your underfloor heating cost is efficiently controlled.

No maintenance worries – 10 year warranty

Heating cable used in floor heating systems does not require maintenance and is backed by both the manufacturer and Heatec, with a 10 year warranty. The thermostat controls carry a 2 year warranty.