This method of electric floor heating is widely used for under tile heating and involves thin (2mm) cable, which is either incorporated within the adhesive bed, or covered with a 3mm self-levelling material to embed the cable first.

Most commonly, the cable is laid directly off a reel, but for larger areas cable pre-attached to factory-made 500mm wide mats can be used.

Since the cable is close to the underside of the tiles, the response time is faster with this method, however less heat is retained when power is interrupted, making this unsuitable where an electricity tariff restricts the hours of use.

It is recommended that a 3mm layer of self-levelling mix is used to embed the system and provide the tiler with a flat surface to work on. Some tilers are prepared to lay direct over the mat installation.
Calculate your area to be covered in square metres, allowing for any permanent fixings such as cupboards, vanities, baths or WC.

It is sometimes easiest to measure the overall length and width of the room, multiply this to get the total floor area then deduct the floor space taken by any fixtures.
Once you have the required heated area in square metres, multiply this by: 160 for bathrooms, or 130 for living areas, to arrive at a recommended heating capacity in watts. Then make your selection of the closest size in the dropdown table. This will automatically show the cable length and price.

More than one cable may be needed for large areas.

The price includes cable tape and instructions.

The thermostat(s) are selected separately at the end.

If in doubt, contact Heatec for guidance with your selection